Soundscapes from the soul – interview with ’VIDARR’

Hi Arn and Corey, I am very excited to do your interview so many thanks for making it possible and sharing the world behind your music. Where are you from?

A: I’m from France.

C: I’m from Chicago.

Your three song EP ’Travel’ was released in May 2020, how long have you been writing nordic influenced folk music under the name ’VIDARR’?

A: The composition and recording process of the album took 6 months and 1 month for mixing and mastering. Build and polish!

C: Yeah it took half the year to get Vidarr born into the music world. Looking forward to creating more.

What inspired you to start exploring the world of darker folk music in general?

A: Nature, mythologies, gods. Lot of vibes and elements.

C: Yeah I have to agree with Arn. Nature is a big impact on our spirits and this is our only way of expressing what nature does to us.There’s a lot of spirituality that goes into music. I feel like this is another form of communication to where we can express our spirit to everyone. I found that pagan folk music really hit that spot of what I’m all about. It’s the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard and I grew up on a lot of different kinds of music and for some reason this music really speaks to my soul.

What instruments do you play? How did you learn about these instruments?

A: Shaman drums, talharppa, lyre, jaw harp, flute. I have learn it alone by feeling and with lot of work.

C: I’ve always played guitar ever since I was a child. My father taught me how to play it because he was a guitar player as well. So now I’m older and more curious about other instruments. I just purchased an instrument called a tagelharpa. It’s pretty popular in the Pagan folk world and I like being the rare one so I’m going to be moving on to other instruments in the future like a flute, which will be in my possession really soon…

Is there a specific theme from where your songs are born?

A: Not specially. All tracks born like they do. . It’s a kind of old soul voices who use your body for sing and create.

C: That’s an interesting question to ask because songs are born from within us. I suppose when we we’re composing the song or writing melodies on any instrument we put ourselves and a place outside this world and what the imagination and inspiration gives us is a feeling and this feeling becomes a song itself.. so I suppose the theme is how we feel during the time of writing a song.

You sent me some pictures of your studio and based on that it seems that the interior where your music is created has a big role to you as a songwriter. Is this true? If so, how does it show?

A: Studio ambiance is very important for creating. Cause we need to feel at home in our spiritual place for give the best on all tracks.

C: Location is the most important thing when it comes to writing music in general. This is just my opinion but there is a major difference from writing a song in a professional studio as opposed to writing a song that’s in your own home and surrounded by things that comfort you. I’ve been in many professional studios and it feels like you’re on the spot. So writing music in my own home I feel like I can put my true potential into it. I feel privileged to say that I constructed my own studio made to look like an old cabin with fine detail carvings and an alter. So when I begin to write music, my soul will be in the music entirely.

What inspires you most as a songwriter? What kind of atmospheres would you like to create with your songs?

A: It’s always by feeling, with heart, soul and spiritual vibes.

C: I guess it depends and how you feel about writing a specific song and this is where you will know what kind of setting would be most appropriate for this composition. What inspires me the most is being able to create something out of nothing. It’s all soul. I find that looking at specific elements such as rain or a windy day, running rivers or what have you can inspire to write a song of that time.

Do you plan to release more music in the near future?

A: Yes we are ready to create a second album. Vidarr’s travels will continue.

What about liveshows? Is ’VIDARR’ a studio project or do you plan to play your music live?

C: Yeah we’re looking at festivals around the United States as well around Paris. Hopefully by 2021 everything will be back to normal.

How would you describe your music in three words?

A: Spiritual, powerful, beautiful.

Any wisdoms you’d like to share with the world?

A : We are all connected when our spiritual eyes are open.

C: If anyone ever wants to create something that they dream of doing, just do it. Once you take that first step it feels amazing. We are all a creator.

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