Traditional storytelling from Iceland – interview with ’Sigurboði’

It’s great to do this interview with you Sigurboði and to dig a bit deeper into your music and how it is born, thanks a lot for making this possible! How are you feeling today?

S: Splendid thank you!

You are from Iceland, right? What is it like to be an independent musician in Iceland?

S: The music scene in Iceland is booming but it’s still intimate since we are a small nation. Everyone sort of knows each other or are familiar.

You have released one album and a single under your name. How long have you been writing music as a solo artist?

S: I’ve been writing music pretty much since I started out at 11 years old. I joined my first band at age 13 and i’ve been in a few bands since but I’ve always enjoyed more being alone and in charge. I think I’m a bit eccentric when it comes to music and working with others proved to be more of a difficulty than enjoyment for me. Still I do enjoy working with other musicians occasionally and I’ve done a few collaborations with some great artists.

Your latest album ’Kvæðamaðr’ consists eleven songs. How were these songs born?

S: My interest in Eddic poetry has always been strong and when I realized that performing these poems as a skald was a natural combination. Sadly there are no other musicians that I know of in Iceland performing Eddic Poetry in a skaldic form even though we have the advantage of speaking icelandic so I feel I’m not just singing the Eddic poems but also doing something more important.

When it comes to writing music what kind of things inspire you? Do your songs have a certain kind of theme?

S: Norse Mythology and Ásatrú practice are the heart of my music and bringing the old poems back to life as they might’ve been sung hundreds of years ago.

Many of us know you as a multi-instrumentalist. What kind of instruments can we hear in your music?

S: I tried to stick to the basic instruments you might hear a skáld use and have been found in the Nordic Countries, namely Lyre, Taglharpa and Skin Drums.

Do you have any favourite instruments that you like to play most?

S: No not really, I go through phases where I love playing a certain instrument and then a few days or weeks later I move onto another one and sort of go through all my instruments. But I would probably say that I play my Lyre and Bouzouki the most of all.

You have collaborated with many other musicians in the past, Danheim being one of them. Are you planning to do more collaborations in the future?

S: Yes! I’m currently working on a few projects with different artist but I’m also working on something different for myself.

Do you play live?

S: Yes I love being on stage but sadly due to Covid not much is happening. But I hope to travel and do some gigs around the world.

Any wisdoms you’d like to share with the world?

S: I wonder if whales can yawn with their blowholes.

You’ll find Sigurboði’s music an more at:


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