Melodies born from silence – interview with ’Illuriah’

Hi Igor, so great to feature your music on our website and to hear more about how it is born and from which influences! How’s it going?

I’m really excited about this! This is awesome and I wanted to thank you for supporting small artists all over the world, Amanda. Everything is ok on this cold night, I’m composing my second album and soon I’ll begin to record the songs. So, I’m very happy!

Tell us a bit about ’Illuriah’? Is it a band or a one man project?

Illuriah was a band before, but since 2019 is a one man project. Illuriah means everything and nothing. Everything that came before and after the giant Ymir.

Where are you from?

I’m from Curitiba – Brazil.

From which influences is the music of ’Illuriah’ born? What inspires you as a musician and a songwriter?

The influences of Illuriah are Wardruna, Heilung, Skáld, Myrkur, Sigurboði, Storm (norwegian band with Fenriz, Satyr and Kari Rueslåtten), Faun and Heidevolk.

I feel very inspired when I sit in front of my keyboard or hold my Kravik Lyra and remain silent while I drink coffee or beer. When I smell the rain approaching or when I’m closer to nature, I feel that ideas start to pop up in my head and I need to write down or record everything as soon as possible.

Are your songs written in Old Norse?

Not all of them, Loki and Þórr were written in Norwegian. Bragi has mixed lyrics, Old Norse and New (?) Norse hahahaha, Varð and Fimbulþulr have parts of Havamál.

You have released an album called ’Illuriah’ which consists six songs. Does this album have a specific storyline to it?

This album doesn’t have a chronological storyline or a specific storyline but some stories from the Eddas are told, as a reference I used Havamál, Skáldskaparmál, Gylfaginning and the book Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman.

What instruments can we hear in your music?

You can hear Kravik Lyra, Frame Drum, Cello, Tin Whistles, Piano and Synth.

How important role does the Viking Age play in your music? Can we hear this in your music?

Very important! When I was 14 years old I was having some weird dreams about crows, runes and more. After doing some searches, I discovered a new world.
You can’t only hear it but also feel it in the songs. The idea of Illuriah is to bring different emotions and feelings in every song. This is why I study and search for real materials about the Eddas so that the listener has the feeling of listening to a Skald wherever he is.

Do you play live shows under the name ’Illuriah’?

Yes, but I played only one time at Medieval Market Camp. I hope to receive more invitations to play live when the coronavirus pandemic is over. For now I’m planning on doing a livestream playing some songs.

Any wisdoms you’d like to share with the world?

Don’t take everything too seriously, you need to laugh sometimes. Be happy, drink beer, drink coffee and listen to Illuriah!

You’ll find Illuriah’s music and more at:


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