Ancient words brought to life – interview with ’Nemuer’

Welcome ’Nemuer’ to Dark Folk Nation, I am glad to feature your music
on our site! How are you today?

Hi Amanda! Pretty well, considering, with Covid and all that.

Where are you from?

I am from Czech Republic just like our keyboard/sfx player Martin is.
Our vocalist and hammered-dulcimer player Katarina is from Slovakia, and
our drummer Alex is from Romania.

How was ’Nemuer’ born and how long have you played together?

We started the project together with Katarina in late 2014, a few months
after I returned from my studies in Finland. For a long time we
performed as a duo until 2019, when Alex and Martin joined us to form a
full band.

What instruments do you use when writing songs?

It varies from album to album. Each is devoted to a different mythology,
culture, and stories. The latest album (2019) was Norse-themed, so I
decided to use tagelharpa (Old Norse bowed harp) as the core instrument.
Of course we used many more instruments like hammered dulcimer, shaman
drum, Davul drum, jaw harp, and the most powerful of all human voice.

When it comes to writing lyrics what inspires you the most?

All our lyrics are written in dead languages, and because I respect the
intricacy and perfection of the original words, I always use extracts
from the authentic texts. While I do not try to compose historical
music, I do like to give a glimpse of the ancient times to our

It seems that you have released music since 2014. Has your sound or
sources of inspirations changed along those years?

Indeed it has been a while. I believe our music has evolved tremendously
both in terms of the technical quality of sound and the ability to
express the stories well enough to immerse people in it fully.

Do you play live shows? If so, how important role do they play in
your music?

Yes, we do. I find it extremely important, because our concerts are like
rituals that take our listeners on a fantastic and unusual journey. The
same could be said about our music in general, but the concerts have
some extra magical quality to it. Something that cannot really be
captured by cameras or audio recorders.

What’s coming next, any releases in the making?

Although I can not unveil much right now, I can tell that I am working
hard on a new release. As a hint I can tell you that I study the Book of
the Dead intensely.

Any wisdoms you’d like to share with the world?

Try to learn how to listen. I mean really listen. First your
surroundings and other people, then music that will speak to your
subconscious mind, and ultimately to yourself. Being able to listen to
myself and my subconscious mind is in my opinion a priceless ability to

You’ll find Nemuer’s music and more at:


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