Melodies from a spiritual path – interview with ’Osi And The Jupiter’

Picture by Jacob Spurlock

Well hello there ’Osi And The Jupiter’ and welcome to Dark Folk Nation! It fills me with joy to feature you and your beautiful music on our site. How’s it going?

All is going fairly well, been busy writing music and spending time with family. Thank you for having me.

Would you like to tell us a bit who’s behind ’Osi And The Jupiter’ and where are you from?

My name is Sean “Deth” Kratz, I do all instruments and writing for OATJ besides Cello which is done by my friend Kakophonix. I am from Kent Ohio.

How long have you been writing music for this project and what is the story behind ’Osi And The Jupiter’?

OATJ has been a spiritual folk project of mine since 2015, I’ve actually been writing for it since 2010 but had no name for it, and didn’t record anything till 2015. Project is named after my two german shepherds Osiris and Jupiter.

What instruments and elements do you use when writing music?

Acoustic guitar, synths, organs, drones, various percussion instruments. 

How are your songs born? Do you have a specific way to write music?

Mostly acoustic guitar when writing, sometimes I’ll have a synth pattern layed out too start as well. In recording certain sequences I like using drones as well too give a certain meditative atmosphere too the music.

Sometimes I’ll have a vocal pattern first but rarely, usually lyrics and vocals are one of the last things I put into a song. After all is done I’ll send to Kakophonix to do cello on certain songs. Then I mix everything before I send it out.

Your songs seem to take a lot of influences from old the nordic / scandinavian mythology. How important are those influences to you?

Scandinavian mythology has had some influence in my music, but many different folklore from around the world has influenced. This project helps me on my spiritual path and my art is my expression of it. Nature has the biggest influence.

How much music have you released so far? Are you working on something at the moment?

OATJ has three full length albums, one split album with mosaic, fellwarden, and By the Spirits, and one EP. Next full length has been done before even the release of the Appalachia EP as well as a handful of covers that we did during the first part of COVID. So there is much in store in the future.

Do you play live shows? If so, how important role do they have in your music?

We do.

I would love to do more shows in the future and we are definitely ready to even tour, just need to book. I think it is very important to do live shows, it helps you get even closer and more personal to your audience.

What’s next for ’Osi And The Jupiter’?

We have a lot in store from what I answered above so stay tuned on more info.

Any wisdoms you’d like to share with the world?

Thank you for having me, and I wish the good health to everyone. May nature guide you on your path.

You’ll find the music of ’Osi And The Jupiter’ at:


Eisenwald Label Webstore 

North American:


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  1. Very good! When good musics like these are in the air, our brains release something that makes us feel really good. It’s very nice to know that many different folklore from around the world are running through the band’s veins. I realized this especially in ”Appalachia”. (:



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