Music from ’The Land of the Light’ – interview with Falcata de Fogo

Well good day to you Falcata de Fogo! You have the honor of being the first band on Dark Folk Nation in 2021. So lets start this interview with this little question: how’s it going?

Hey! First of all, we would like to thank you for the invitation. For us it’s a great honor and pleasure to get interviewed by Dark Folk Nation. Keep up the good work! Given the current ”pandemic” situation, we can state that we are doing alright. Trying not to get stuck and always moving forward for whatever is yet to come..

Would you like to introduce your band? Where are you from?

We are four great friends (Inês, Tiago, Gil and Daniel) that know each other from basically twenty years ago. We live in the west coast of Portugal, between Leiria, Caldas da Rainha e Vimeiro, right in the heart of Lusitânia.

What’s the story of Falcata de Fogo? How long have you been playing together?

Falcata de Fogo started around eight years or so with also a former founder member and friend Rui. We always had the common interest in playing a more darker folk sound, given the fact that we also have other projects more in the heavier side of metal. Despise the fact of being different styles and sounds, we feel that in some intrinsic way are connected and bounded. 

Where do you get inspiration to your songs? 

First and foremost, we receive our creativity from our Land itself. Nature and its elements is and will always be our primordial inspiration. Before common Era, Portugal was used to be known as Lusitânia, that means The Land of the Light. In those ancestral times, many ancient civilizations, namely the Romans, wanted to conquer our land and so the lusitanians, known as barbarian people, were the natural defenders. During a period of time, a very popular man, named Viriato led the lusitanian tribes on the war against the romans. And so, we tell in some way through our music about these ancestral times.

What instruments do you use when writing music?

Usually we use the string instruments as the main writing tools for the songs, naming the bouzouki, the classic guitar or the bandolim. Them along with the percussion we rearrange the structure of the songs, adding later the flutes when needed and the voices as choirs.

Your songs have a very traditional folk sound to them. How important it is for you to create these ancient soundscapes? 

Soundscapes is the key word. For us it’s all about that, to create a soundtrack for the ambient we want to give and transmit the stories we want to tell, like we explained above. It’s all about concept. Music is a pure and primordial creation and we use it to honor the ancient Earth.. Additionally, the fact that we rehearse on the top of a hill also give us a direct and strong influence.

How much music have you released so far?

We have released a few demo songs and then our homonym debut album, which consisted in our presentation in a physical format, our introduction in the general folk circle and the concept that we where aiming at the time, something more dark ambient folk.. 

Do you play live shows? If so, how many and how important role do they have in your music?

Yes of course! One of the main reasons we have this project is to play live shows.. That’s were we can truly connect with ourselves and others. For us it’s a true ritual and the best way to tell our ancestral narrative.. We are lucky to have shared the stage with such amazing bands and friends, like Urze de Lume and Arnica or Azagatel and played in some great places and festivals like Oestryminis fest, Castrum Quiffiones, Raiz Ibérica or La Noche de los Candilles in the beautiful Serra Nevada, just to name a few..

What plans do you have for the future?

For now our goal is to release our second album. We are very anxious and proud of it and we see it as our natural evolution in all the story and concept. It has more attention on the composition, more percussion, reflecting a lot our live performance with more diversity of instruments (like the bandolim), faster and warlike sometimes and more intimist and mysterious in other hand.. We also had a invitation for a compilation from Raiz Ibérica with a exclusive track. And of course, get back on the road as soon as possible.

Any wisdoms you’do like to share with the world?

Wisdoms can be said by anyone.. But from us, all we can say is: Be true and be awesome to each other and Mother Earth. Truth and Respect.

You’ll find Falcata de Fogo’s music at:


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