’Dark Folk Nation’ is a non-profit website and a community created for the darker folk music scene by Amanda Aalto who is an artist and an independent musician herself. The idea of creating a website that would introduce only emerging dark folk bands and artists was born when Aalto realized there was not that many websites out there to showcase independently produced music in the darker folk scene.

The idea from which ’Dark Folk Nation’ was born is that the music and the listeners could find each other easier than having to spend hours and hours scrolling on Spotify (yeah, we’ve all done that right!) trying to find the magical piece that you know is out there but just don’t know how to find it. Through an interview we give the band or the artist an opportunity to give a more personal view about their music, how it is born and from which influences – a bond you can’t usually make by listening to a song your daily Spotify playlist suggested you a couple of hours ago.

Though we support dark folk music all around the world, Finnish bands and artists are our priority (because we believe there is some pretty cool stuff out there from our country which just haven’t seen much daylight yet!). But we assure you that we are more than happy to showcase new and independent dark folk music worldwide! If you wish to be featured on our website with your band or with your music please contact us and note that we only support stuff that is originally composed (meaning we wish you would contact us only based on your own material and not based on cover songs) and – this is very important for us – stuff that is 100% anti-racist as well.

You can send us an inquiry to our email darkfolknation@gmail.com and we will get back to you asap!